La Bamba - Brooklyn - $3.99 (Rip Off, Avoid)

2021.10.23 13:48 Current_Oil6528 La Bamba - Brooklyn - $3.99 (Rip Off, Avoid)

This deli/store did not give the $12 worth of food as advertised. In fact, the person at the cashier kept repeatedly lying that that’s what they can give because they only get $4 from TooGoodToGo.
I went back and forth with the store employee, and even looked everywhere on the TooGoodToGo site/app for a contact number, in hope of doing a call with a TooGoodToGo rep with the store employee on the spot. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a phone number and was already charged for the order, so all I could do was immediately filed a complaint via email and app. I hope that TooGoodToGo can rectify this situation.
It's shameful and abhorrent that this happened to me, and hopefully it won't happen to any of you now that I have shed light on it. I have used this app several times, and this is the first time I've encountered an issue.
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2021.10.23 13:48 SweCBot Intel kan vrida upp lanseringspriserna med Core 12000-serien "Alder Lake"

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2021.10.23 13:48 lospokedash Commerce canceled order, transaction on Paypal still is "order placed" for over a month

I placed an order on, they canceled my order within hours but the transaction is still "order placed"
"Your payment method will be charged when REI completes your order." I called REI but they said on their end they have canceled the order and reversed the funds, this purchase was made a month ago and the hold has not dropped and PayPal told me the order has an expiration date of September 2022, I dont want to wait a year for the hold to be dropped, please help
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2021.10.23 13:48 AlienFromMars1 Sus

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2021.10.23 13:48 GudrunSkyman Should I remind him again?

Me and my partner have our 6 years Anniversary tomorrow. I have always talked about it to him and reminded him. But then I kind of forgot for a few days, and then 2 days ago I remembered again. But now I realize that this I something that’s not on his mind at all. Should I remind him again? Or just act like I also forgot? I don’t want to be toxic or petty. But it feels like he might not really care anyways about 6 years anniversary so what’s the point ?
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2021.10.23 13:48 CobaltTJ As a Brit, I'm not sure what decides who I support.

I've been pretty excited for this major for a while but I'm not an avid follower of all the intricacies of Esports. Since alot of people support teams representative of their country or region, I'm at a bit of a loss of who to support since there aren't any British players currently in the major roster. There's plenty of players I recognise but more I don't know, any thoughts?
Also have no idea who to vote for my pick em's lol
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2021.10.23 13:48 peridozee Laptop recommended for 10+ year old kid

My sister wants a laptop for her birthday, something that can handle minecraft, roblox, and schoolwork. We are looking at a refurbished macbook pro do you have any other recommendations that isn’t top of the line or expensive. She is a little kid and no one in my family knows what to look for.
thank you!
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2021.10.23 13:48 Refundmybirth927383 Moon Rabbit or Strawberry Crepe for PVP?

If it helps, the other cookies on my team are Herb, Sea Fairy, Black Raisin, and Expresso.
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2021.10.23 13:48 poiuyt87 Do I need to have FH4 to receive some points on FH5

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2021.10.23 13:48 adroc Cheapest bulk pots and phone jacks?

I need to buy 100 of these [100k Linear Pots ( and a couple hundred of these 3.5mm Mono Jacks
Does anyone know of a cheaper place to get them from?
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2021.10.23 13:48 Humble-Celery-5323 MKT100 OR ACC100

Hey can anyone in either of these classes pm me I had question regarding the midterms tomrorow
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2021.10.23 13:48 TotalGlobalControl The Bezos Post Complains: People are being disrespectful to the president!

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2021.10.23 13:48 Repelis_24 [H] iTunes Apple US [W] 85-83% zelle

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2021.10.23 13:48 PaulSavedMyLife69420 Diablo 2 Server Issues is intended by Blizzard

Blizzard doesn’t want you to like this game more than the upcoming Diablo 4. Both the leads and the devs won’t curb their pride and allow you to enjoy a game that may be better than the game they are making.
This isn’t Blizz’s first rodeo when it comes to servers, they know how many copies sold and how it’s been a month since release to see how many return int players there are.
This is just a plot to destroy the Jedi, and a way for them to show “Diablo 4 servers are better go play that”.
It’s basically planned obsolescence in a videogame.
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2021.10.23 13:48 Optimal-Arugula-8713 [WDYWT] Fall Fit

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2021.10.23 13:48 ndd323 Unpopular opinion: I actually like Arms Race.

Hear me out, I’ve always enjoyed quick games where you start out fresh. I think it’s a cool concept.
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2021.10.23 13:48 Cryptostormz The wave of FOMO traders from Twitter/Youtube personalities has got me thinking. Do you think that people who care about the tech behind crypto and aren't purely profit driven are actually more successful when trading crypto?

We're seeing a wave of people coming to crypto who don't care about the tech and get all their info on trading from these twitter and youtube fomo channels. They mostly just see crypto as a get rich quick scheme and probably don't know a single thing about crypto. So do you think actually caring about and studying the tech which powers crypto enables you to be a better trader?
View Poll
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2021.10.23 13:48 Plastic_Position4979 Fiendish roe found…

After a somewhat lengthy search, finally found a planet with the roller-type creatures for fiendish roe.
U/shadowspar99 shared a link to a system with many unusual planets in this thread.
The breached planet (Adriesi Omega) has those. Feed them and then harvest it from them.
Also perhaps of interest: Mida 27/Z8 has a T-Rex type creature. Unfortunately, there you’d have to kill the critter to get the raw material.
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2021.10.23 13:48 reddit_feed_bot NewsMax: Dershowitz to Newsmax: Justices 'Good and Decent' But Still 'Political'

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2021.10.23 13:48 Terdstain I beat my PR by 1:01 as a freshman for my JV race!

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2021.10.23 13:48 DepressedJack I was just scammed by 3 verified D1 athletes who claimed to have a financial investment company... turns out to all have hacked accounts. Very dangerous because they seem legit and one has 101k followers from LSU. Who knows how many other accounts they have but I lost $749 and now my life’s over

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2021.10.23 13:48 Imaorange410 NASA plans to launch Artemis I Moon mission in February 2022

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2021.10.23 13:48 prof_awesomeness tragicomical

I think i live with george costanzas parents,,
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2021.10.23 13:48 Imaorange410 ICYMI: Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 still needs some work

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2021.10.23 13:48 Maniac1075 It's a proud day when your son (5) finally watches Spaceballs and then quotes it at dinner.

I always knew he was an honest to god Asshole! Been telling every one years!
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