I haven't watched them all so I don't know

2021.10.23 14:25 crispydude11 I haven't watched them all so I don't know

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2021.10.23 14:25 woopie_doopie super late yttd inktober day 22: second russian roulette

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2021.10.23 14:25 FluffyPanda33ASMR BARBER SHOP Shave & Hair Cut ROLEPLAY (Gum Chewing, Personal Attention & Gloves)

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2021.10.23 14:25 ElectWadeAnthony Wade Anthony's Interview With Evan "The Biz" (Full Interview) - Running For Mayor In Dacula, Georgia

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2021.10.23 14:25 IndecisiveFoodie Does anyone here know how to make soft-boiled eggs?

I tried and the whites kept coming out undercooked.
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2021.10.23 14:25 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-emile-cioran-24

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2021.10.23 14:25 JOwOJOwO Barbarian caster dip?

First of all, this is a flavour dip and it's not screwing over my party by not being optimal.
The world where the campaign exists is a world submerged in water. There are breathable domes at certain locations in the world, where all races can live. Throughout the campaign we have discovered traces of the inventors of the domes. Buford "Puffer" Luffer is the one who knows the most about how it works, but he can only teach others to change water into breathable water, since spell slots are required to do so. We are slowly reaching a peak where we'll learn how to create entire domes.
Puffer was designed around not being flashy, since many people in the game were beginners.
Currently a level 6 battlerager barbarian with 18/14/14/13/12/8 and 19 ac, 52 hp. Variant human with prodigy for expertise in athletics. Level 4 feat is tavern brawler. He has a +1 armour made by himself.
I'm allowed to use intelligence as the caster stat for whichever class I pick.
I was looking around at classes that get subclasses at level 1, and those that I thought looked more interesting were: Peace domain cleric, wild magic sorcerer, genie warlock.
I don't think the campaign is going to last until we get to level 9, so idk about level 3 casters, but alchemist artificer would work quite well there I think. If anyone has any questions, I'll be glad to clarify. :)
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2021.10.23 14:25 AdAstraQ Where is it located: 1938 Canadian Expeditionary Force memorial in Hastings Park?

Where is it located: 1938 Canadian Expeditionary Force memorial in Hastings Park?
Located inside Hastings Park, a stone memorial was dedicated in August 1938 to the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 29th Battalion “from the surviving members in tribute to the memory of their comrades”. But where exactly is it located?
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2021.10.23 14:25 twg-bot suspicious

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2021.10.23 14:25 TheJeck Claudio Ranieri asked if the win was enough to warrant a dinner for his players: "No dinner. Dinner comes with a clean sheet. Dinner at the Watford canteen, everybody."

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2021.10.23 14:25 potatorockstar Bet Clive had a Hard time shooting this scene

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2021.10.23 14:25 StackinFetti Is there something wrong with me?

Whenever my friends want to hangout, I tend to flake or not go because I know somewhat down the line is going after Women**. I be wanting to do actual activities but they'll either won't say nothing about it or wanna plan something that involves chasing Women. I have no problem with that but where I am in life right now, I feel like that's not me. It can but I lack self worth, discipline and much more.
** Mind you I am heterosexual and I love Women but I'm just too insecure about myself (Arms and legs look like noodles + I smoke weed everyday). I dated my ex girlfriend for 4 years and she broke up with me (already been a year) but it devasted me. I was too emotionally attached and I couldn't see it at the time. I have a throwaway acct where I just watch her stories (she added me on it 1 time, then unadded me 3 days later) but continues to post without blocking me. But has me block indefinitely on IG.
I feel as if that cause me to not trust people even more (I had trust issues before her with another ex) but she still did what she did knowing my past. I thought this time she was different but I guess I was wrong lol.
TLDR: I have zero confidence which causes me to be anti social, zero disciple (even financially), and stuck on past relationships. Currently still watching my ex stories from a throwaway acct. I'm a Daily stoner with a masturbation/sex problem.
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2021.10.23 14:25 ssblink If we don't have it, probably, it was never made.

This is prominently displayed on my local Punjab Food Mart, I thought it was confidently incorrect, and bone apple tea material, however they only let me post images, so here we go. Random thought about how I like their use of English. Thank you.
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2021.10.23 14:25 02321 The man with the maroon suit in the park.

I’m a student but what collage and what I’m studying isn’t important. What is important is that I have always owned Window computers and the school uses Macs’ for our projects. Transferring files between them was a nightmare so I stayed at the school to finish anything due. I took the buses home every day and fairly late. My school wasn’t very far away from my place however I was always so tired from cramming to finish projects before the deadline I took the bus home. And the passes were included in our tuition so why not use it as often as possible?
On the way back on night I was nodding off to sleep. The driver’s bad habit of stopping suddenly was the only thing keeping me awake. My head snapped forward when the bus stopped. At first, I wasn’t sure where I was. We stopped in front of a park. The driver often paused to take a five minute break at this stop because I was the only one left riding the bus. I knew I would drift back off to sleep if we didn’t start moving soon. I almost did. Glancing out the window I noticed something that got enough of my attention to stay awake.
A man was just walking under a light and into the park. For a split second I saw his face. But I couldn’t remember what it looked like. My body reacted in flight mode after seeing it. I was wide awake, feeling like I should start running. Muscles tense, I stared hoping he looked back towards me. I burned the rest of his image into my mind due to how the smallest hint of seeing his face screamed danger.
He looked normal. Tall and thin and dressed in a maroon suit. Alright, maybe that color of suit wasn’t all that normal. I’d seen weirder outfits on the students in my class. And there were some bars in the area. It wasn’t unreasonable he wore his nice suit out on a date. I could explain his fashion sense but not why my body reacted in the way it did only looking at him.
The bus started back up again and I was left to wonder what that was all about for another day. While I was working on my newest project, I kept getting distracted thinking about that man in the park. I wanted to remember his face just as much as I didn’t. I knew unless I got this settled I would never be able to focus.
The path through the park was faster than the bus. I always stayed on the bus instead of cutting through because I was too lazy to walk. The next night, I got off the bus right in front of the park. My driver paying no attention. It was a foolish thought thinking that odd man would be back a second time. And I haven’t heard great things about the park. A lot of muggings lately so all of my female friend refused to walk through at night. Dangerous, but I still just needed to know who that man was.
I walked through at a brisk pace while looking around me. I kept my phone in my hand in case I did get into trouble. When I came across a someone on the pathway, I eyed him wary. When he spotted me and took a few steps in my direction I almost called the cops. Relief flooded me when his jacket as labeled with Security.
“Hey, can I walk you through?” He offered and stopped a few steps in front of in case I was still a bit untrusting.
“Parks have security now?” I asked, eyebrows raised.
He let out a chuckle at my question.
“Yeah, the city hired my company for a few weeks. There has been attacks and not enough officers to patrol. Until they get settled, they wanted someone to scare away the muggers and get the drunks to the other side safe.”
That did make some sense. A few cops just retired out leaving so many spots to fill. I heard about the issue but never about how it would affect the city on a whole.
“I’m Garret. You don’t need to walk with me if you feel uncomfortable. Just thought I would offer. I can take down anyone who tries to hurt you but can’t arrest them.” He explained.
Since he seemed like a nice enough guy, I took him up in his offer. I couldn't ask him about the odd man I’d seen before so I let him talk about his job for a few minutes until I was out of the park. I thought if we spoke enough the topic would come up naturally. It didn’t by the time I was on the other side. I thanked him requesting if he was going to be on the same shift tomorrow. He was. At least now there was someone to watch over me as I went on this goose chase of mine.
In the next week I took my path through the park with Garret beside me. He kept warning me to stay on the bus. But I could also tell he wanted someone to chat with. It was a boring job after all. I didn’t have class on the weekend so I didn’t see him for two days. The following Monday I was a little shocked at what I saw when we met at the usual time.
Garret was a tall built man. You needed to be for his line of work. He said he was in the military but due to a leg injury he needed to retire early. So, it was a surprise to see him with a busted lip and a black eye.
“Garret, are you alright?” I asked my new friend.
“Yeah. It's nothing. Some kids getting rowdy over the weekend. Needed to break it up. They scattered but I feel like they’re bad news. It’s better if you stay out of the park for a few days, you hear?”
I nodded, feeling a little upset that he got roughed up. Must have been a bunch of people to do it. My quest of trying to find a stranger should not put me in danger. For all I knew I dreamed that man with the strange face. We walked and talked. Garret happy there was someone to listen to him speak after two days of being alone.
“You’ll stay away for a little bit, right?” He asked when we reached the other side of the park.
“Yeah. For a few days. But you better be here when I get back.” I warned.
He gave me another smile and we went our separate ways. I fully planned on staying on the bus instead of cutting through for a while. And I did just that for two days.
In the third I was on the idling bus waiting for it to get going when I saw something going on at the entrance of the park. A group of high school students were cheering and walking into the start of the trail. It was nothing out of the ordinary. That was until I noticed some carried baseball bats. It took my mind a few moments to register they were not just coming home from practice. By the time I did, the bus had started to drive again.
I rushed to the front of the bus begging it to stop. The driver looked annoyed until I explained my theory. He agreed to call the police for me due to how worried I looked. The city buses always opened the doors when they stopped. The driver didn’t have time to stop me from running out the door and towards the park.
It wasn’t the wisest idea. I still felt as if I could find Garret before those kids. I wasn’t about to leave behind my first real friend. My entire life I kept my head down. Not speaking much. I just found someone who liked a person that listened. I wasn’t going to let anything happen to him.
I ran in the dark, chest hurting from not even doing a light jog in years. I heard the sounds of the kid cheering each other on and I prayed I wasn’t too late. I almost ran right into one of them.
They all stood in a circle already finding my friend. He was tough but against a pack of teens with weapons. I could tell a few of them were on the receiving end of his punches before they over powered the single park security guard. I felt sick when I heard the bat crack against something. I didn’t think I took so long finding them and yet I was far too late. A boiling rage I’ve never felt before over took me. I stepped away from the group before anyone noticed me.
“Hey! Shitbags! The cops are on the way so you better fuck off!”
I was a small college student. I may have a few years on these kids but every single one of them were taller and stronger than me. Some turn their heads and laughed at my poor attempt at being intimidating.
“Oh, then we better finish this up soon!” One near the middle replied with a horrible laugh. He raised a bat to bring it down on my friend hidden between them all.
I stood; mouth open unable to do anything. I couldn’t even let out a scream to help my friend. By some miracle, he stopped. All of them did. Confusion plastered over their faces as they looked towards me.
No, behind me.
“Who the hell are...” One of the teens started but stopped as his voice trailed off into a choking sound.
I didn’t turn around to see what they all were looking at. I watched all their faces turn from confused, to pure horror. Faces pale, some gagged and other choked. Their weapons clattering to the ground as each one of their mental states disintegrated in front of me. A few stood completely silent and wide eyed as blood started to come from their nose.
As they collapsed to the ground, I could see Garret curled up protecting his head. I wasn’t sure how badly he was hurt. I wanted to go over to him, but first I needed to know what was behind me.
I turned to face the man in the suit that led me into the park to start with. He stood under a light a step away from me. If he had eyes, he would be looking down on me.
Instead of a face, was... nothing. Just a void of black. At first it was a simple void. Then the longer I looked at it I started to see shapes shifting and twisting. Shapes no word has ever been created to describe. My head pounded but I could not look away. I have never been so scared before in my life I don’t know how my heart didn’t stop right then and there. The world shifted around me to make it feel like I was no longer standing still. As if everything was shaking and yet not at the same time. Out from the void those colors and shapes not meant for human eyes came towards me endlessly. I was vaguely away of my own nose bleeding and my fingers twitching from the horror that should not be a part of this world. Time had no meaning as that void of nothing, and yet, everything stretched out before me. I looked for so long, I saw something I should not have seen. A hint of this creature’s real face.
The smallest of glances of that face made my heart beat and I was snapped out of the trance the void brought me into. My head hurt and my nose was bleeding still, but besides from that I was fine compared to the teens behind me.
The man had his hands in his pocket and when I started to dab my nose on my sleeve, he reached out for me. Without being able to stop myself, I reached out and took his hand.
The shapes and colors still swirled around the void of a face making me dizzy but I could stand it. I was feeling a stronger emotion than fear. I was still scared out of my wits but light headed from the sudden fluttering in my stomach.
“Are you single?”
I wanted to scream. All movement around the void stopped. The man looked stiff and somehow, without a face, embarrassed. I could not believe I just asked out a nightmare creature. What was wrong with me? No, really? What was wrong with my brain? Until that point in my life, I’d never experienced any sort of romantic love towards anyone. My mother always said I just needed to meet the right person. I fully accepted living alone. I didn’t mind it. I was perfectly content doing my own thing until that moment. I wanted Garret to alright and to be my friend. And I desperately wanted to date this monster.
He moved his head so he was looking at the group of traumatized teens and then back towards me.
The man without a face asked. His voice sounded like clips of other voices making up a word. I felt my face flush as I nodded. Who knew being scared to death and love at first sight could happen at the same time?
“I mean, I know it’s sudden. And it’s fine if you aren’t! I’m ok being friends and just hanging out and getting to know you! So I uh... I'm just going to get my friend to the hospital. How about you think about it and I’ll see you tomorrow night?”
I wanted to die for a few different reasons. I let go of the faceless man’s hand to go over to my other friend. The man looked at his hand as if trying to figure out what just happened. Garret was already waking up and trying to move, I told him to stay put and I called for help. When I looked back up, the faceless man was gone.
Garret would be in the hospital for a bit but he was alive. He kept thanking me for saving him even though I felt like I didn’t do much. And he was also angry at me for rushing in to save him. I would never hear the end of how proud and disappointed he was in me.
The cops gathered up the teens and the last I heard they blamed their mental damage on a bad batch of drugs. I didn’t know if it was a cover up job or they just wanted to close the case. I was certain I would never really learn the truth.
I kept my promise and went back to the park to meet the monster that saved us. After a few hours I didn’t think he would show up. When he did, I felt dizzy again looking into the void. I got thinking about why I was able to stand looking into his face and others couldn’t.
“Ha.Ng O.Ut?”
He asked in his weird voice when he stopped in front of me. I felt my stomach flutter again glad he was fine with getting to know each other and forgiving me for my outburst the other night. I decided then on why I could look at his face. Because I loved him more than I was afraid of him. That worried me. I knew if my feelings ever changed, I might turn out like those teenagers. The faceless man didn’t appear to have any kind of malice behind his actions. He was just a little bit dangerous by existing. I was strangely enough, perfectly fine with that.
He didn’t talk much. I started to show him some videos on my phone he appeared to enjoy. It was hard to tell with him. For now, I’m pretty happy with how things are. Just hanging out with the faceless man in the park until I'm ready to ask him if he wanted to take it further.
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2021.10.23 14:25 hallorad Need help with Windows 11 task bar grouping

I'm hoping this is an issue that can be fixed. Since upgrading to Windows 11, the bottom right taskbar icons for internet and sound are no longer individual, but they are grouped together. I have to click into them to get to individual controls of sound or internet. Is there a way to separate them from each other again? Here's an image of them being bound together:
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2021.10.23 14:25 toshobiceps new track with danchou!

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2021.10.23 14:25 SignatureCrunchSigma Best Daytona so far…

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2021.10.23 14:25 hodorspot Risenomics 🌅| Only 50k Marketcap Gem | Fairlaunched | Devs Nearly Finished With Mobile App 💥 | New Rewarding Rebase Token | Lovely Community & Beast Team | Website and Logo Reworked | Creating the New Trend

Risenomics is the next Rebase token with High BUSD rewards!
Low 55k+ Mcap, Huge Potential for the ones who have missed the big hypes such as BitUP, Flokinomics etc!
Mobile app nearly completed, it will show statistics about Risenomics such as Price Chart, Market Cap, Holders and Percent Gain etc!
Only 130 Holders, be one of the first ones to get in!
Rebase might look complicated but here is the explanation:
A rebase token is an elastic supply token which means the supply changes in accordance to price movement, helping to keep the chart looking healthy. The amount of tokens and the price of the token isn't important, the market cap is the main indicator of growth. You will see decrease in your wallet in number of tokens in line with the increase in price so finally we will be having an healthy chart without any change what you hold. All the value is linked to market cap of the token.
Risenomics - Ensures the RISE
5%: BUSD Rewards - All holders benefit from this
4% : Marketing - Needed for the next stage
2% : Liquidity - LP Pool is being fed for the growth
2% : Development Fee - Will be used to ensure the healthy growth of the project
Total : 13%
🔒Liquidity is locked: https://www.team.finance/view-coin/0xBBC56060D112B3C7D4a4E35d321027138e62fA72?name=Risenomics&symbol=Risenomics
✅Website: https://www.risenomics.com
⬆️Telegram: https://t.me/risenomics
🦋Twitter: https://twitter.com/risenomics
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2021.10.23 14:25 bike_tyson Botanical Building, San Diego - Fuji X-T3

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2021.10.23 14:25 TubaNathan Say cheese

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2021.10.23 14:25 PharcydeWolf [Clan recruitment - K8NKY] Dholma wants you!

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2021.10.23 14:25 LvaEithan That's my cat. Hope you like her.

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2021.10.23 14:25 joshwelborn17 X3 for sale

Purchased in august, used while rehabbing shoulder injury. Everything included plus elite band and travel case. Paid $650 for all of it. Will take $425 and include shipping in the US. Will also throw in some fly handles I bought on Amazon.
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2021.10.23 14:25 TVvoodoo How Canadian is the Limited Edition "Canucklehead" guitar strap? None more Canadian!

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2021.10.23 14:25 TrufflesTheCat I checked his Snapchat score. Was I wrong?

Basically was speaking to someone for like 3 months before he went to Canada. He was on like vacation at the time livingwith his family. He barely had any time for me and a week ago I asked if he wanted me to stop talking to him. Down to the fact it was always me initiating conversations not him. Or even giving enough time.
He said that was weird to say + it freaked him out and I apologised. Left that behind us. I got tired of the lack of communication and left social media for a while to see if he would contact me he didn't.He even had my number. I asked is it because your busy with family + friends. He says yes. But, i called him out on this saying look your snapchat score went up. I thought you were talking to someone else. Even if he was busy with family + friends he has all the time in the world to say he is + I will contact you later. He proceeds to tell me he is weirded out + thats a huge red flag. To 'fuck off man' and that he is done with our conversations. Goodbye. This happened today + I don't know where I went wrong. Was it me that was the dickhead or him?
Sidenote: I used to speak to someone from Canada. He worked two jobs and still called me. Facetimed even.
I really thought I met someone like me. He had depression in the past + even through my mental breakdown he still didnt disappear.
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