I made a sharingan what do you think of it?

Unlike the sharingan the way the mangekyou looks will vary from individual to individual; and can take on a completely different look or shape given the person who unlocks it. Of course some characteristics remain consistant across every wielder — such as the colors black and red, along with all wielders eyes resembling variations of pinwheels. These are probably the best you can get. I say this because I’ve ordered these lenses from other bigger online stores in the past that were a bit cheaper, but was very disappointed with what I got. I think there are many different brands of saske lenses out there, and some are cheap and made from china. The ones sold here are not.

2021.10.23 15:02 DolphinBombz I made a sharingan what do you think of it?

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2021.10.23 15:02 MelanieIsaGold Lofi Guitar - Lo-Fi Guitar - Guitar Chill - Guitar Lofi Beats

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2021.10.23 15:02 Accomplished_Box6537 I feel like a man.

Its hit different when you realize that you got yourself out your comfortzone.Today instead of getting nervous I talk fluently.I also to girls without getting pp hard.
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2021.10.23 15:02 RelaxWithBrieASMR [Intentional] finally managed to record my second hair brushing video....what do you think? Next one should be much better! ⚡✌🏼️

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2021.10.23 15:02 itzyit Lunar Mining 🌖Recently Launched🌖 Compound and Yield Reward Token | 6-Factor Protocol = BNB Rewards Always Grow!🚀

Lunar Tg: https://t.me/lunarminingbsc
Potentially the biggest BNB payout token to hit the BSC. Mining Pool payouts + BNB reflections! LUNAR’s dual-injection mining protocol maintains constant growth, meaning constantly growing BNB payouts. It achieves this by augmenting the existing mining pool with 10% of profits generated being passively injected into the mining pool along with 10% of all transactions. On top of this, every transaction includes a 2% burn.
🚨Contract🚨 0x823cBF574753A29f85C8448628972ead7514F6Dc
✅ Contract verified!
🔒100% Liquidity Locked!
🌖 Concept ————————————
🔘 The problem with current payout tokens:
Other tokens rely on market volume to obtain their value and profits. This dependency on market volume causes them to pump hard initially before the value dumps dramatically. Some investors get lucky but most are left with a significant loss as the value of the coin drops since their payouts never help them break even when they sell. This traditional method of tokenomics also leaves these tokens highly vulnerable to botting.
🔘Lunar Mining’s Goals:

🔘 How Lunar Mining solves this flaw:
An established mining pool, independent of the market, generates passive profits for all holders. The pool compounds 10% of generated profits creating perpetual growth. The pool is also grown through a 10% tax on all transactions. These two methods of growing the mining pool are completely independent of the token value of LUNAR. This means that the mining pool is completely unaffected by the value of LUNAR. So if the market is dumping hard, holders do not need to worry about profits being reduced.
LUNAR also utilizes a few other tax-based functions to maintain a more stable market value and generate more profits for holders. A 2% tax is used to create a buyback and burn system to reduce the available tokens on the market while simultaneously increasing market value. This means that a holder’s overall percentage of LUNAR will increase as well as LUNAR’s market price leading to greater profits. Another 2% tax is used to process an automated liquidity function helping maintain LUNAR’s market stability. A 3% automated buyback tax was developed to prevent larger holders from tanking the value of the token if they were to sell. An additional function was applied to limit the amount of the token that can be sold at a given time, preventing whales from selling large portions of their holdings at once. All of these functions were developed to stabilize the value of LUNAR and prevent extreme market volatility.
Some holders of LUNAR will also enjoy the benefits of the 10% BNB reflection tax. This tax is used to increase the profits of all holders who have 10,000 or more LUNAR in their wallet. These holders will receive a portion of this transaction tax that is proportional to their portion of total LUNAR tokens.
The combination of all of these factors ensure that payouts will consistently grow in size for all holders of LUNAR.
🚀 What happens when you HODL? - Holding LUNAR pays BNB - Every tx 🔥increases your % of the total supply - Higher % of supply = bigger payout - Mining pool grows even with 0 market volume - Mining pool growth = payout increase - Every tx grows the mining pool - Every tx that happens = payout increase - Passive Compounding Payouts💵💵💵
🌖 Tokenomics:
💰Total Supply: 1000000000 🏷80% - Presale Allocation 💧10% - Liquidity 🔥6% - Marketing ⚙️4% - Devs
💵 Mining Pool: 💉10% - Mining Pool Injection 💸 90% - BNB Holder Payout
💨 Transaction Fees: 🔥2% - Buyback + Burn 💉10% - Mining Pool Injection 💧2% - Automated Liquidity 📈3% - Automated Buyback 💸10% - BNB Reflection
🔗 Links:
🌐 [Website] http://lunar-mining.org
🐦 [Twitter] https://twitter.com/lunarminingbsc
💬 [Telegram] https://t.me/lunarminingbsc
TLDR: Hold $LUNAR - Receive the most stable form of passive income generation on the BSC!
Contact devs on telegram for any questions!
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2021.10.23 15:02 allofthelites Month 3 [Case Study]

Veering away from the slightly obnoxious titles of past and here with a quick update for the latest month.
Overall, performance is continuing to look healthy and growing incrementally. Since last month's 107 organic clicks into the website, I now have a total of 369 clicks in just under 3-months. GSC pic here.
In addition, I have been able to increase total word count and total post numbers from 234,238 and 221, to 260,081 words from 237 posts, proof. I was traveling for nearly a week and wasn't able to get any writing done during that time.
No notable updates really, maybe a couple of housekeeping ones?

  • Applied and was approved for Ezoic while I was away. When I came back, I noticed that the Cloudflare integration setup with Ezoic essentially rendered my site unusable. Quickly disconnected the integration and had to manually submit a bunch of links to GSC to re-index.
  • Backlinks are much more difficult with this niche. Perhaps I was lucky the last time around, but HARO simply doesn't ask questions about my niche and when they do they are looking for more professional credentials. Going to keep trying.
  • Just going to keep writing I guess. I have a plan of topics that I want to fulfill to make the site more complete and then will be able to add content to each vertical as I see fit. It's going to take time as I am only on the second vertical of nearly 10. It's an ambitious goal/project but if I can flesh out the content correctly I'll have content to write on for years to come. I just need to give it time for Google to see me as a true authority in the entire space. Again, time will win and I just need to stay patient.
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2021.10.23 15:02 zTurKo kutoldddddddddd racisme player

kutoldddddddddd racisme player
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2021.10.23 15:02 Re-Logicgamer03 What is the funniest song you’ve listened to so far?

For me, it’s Chic ‘n’ Stu by System of a Down. It’s funny in the sense that the lyrics make absolutely no sense whatsoever.
Or probably The Cuss Word Song by Rusty Cage.
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2021.10.23 15:02 BzhizhkMard India’s Turn Toward Armenia

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2021.10.23 15:02 kozunma are Sea fairy and Moonlight cookie with the Dreamcatcher pet a good combo??

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2021.10.23 15:02 Empedbruh I’m calling cap on That NC TK the most

Like seriously I’ve never seen that many team kills when ever I play NC I see way more VS TK each other than NC with NC I see the occasional TKer but with VS I’ve seen way more
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2021.10.23 15:02 lckyguardian Looking to touch trade my Kadabra to evolve.

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2021.10.23 15:02 Forfost A VIDEO THAT WILL DEFINITELY UPLIFT YOU (Headphones recommended) 😄⚡🔥

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2021.10.23 15:02 AquaticFire0774 [15.ai] Scout Steals Soldier's Milk

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2021.10.23 15:02 goblinwitch95 Noises in the night.

I woke up around 3 in the morning (yeah, I know, witching hour) to my dog ferociously barking. It startled me awake because he only barks like that when someone he doesn’t know is in the house. After a short while he stops barking and we are both intently listening for any noises. My heart is beating as I hear clicking sounds coming from the living room and I am undecided if someone is in the house. I’m thinking maybe it’s the fridge but this is a distance noise. It was super windy that night so I was also thinking that perhaps the wind blew something loose. But this was coming from inside the house and no windows were open. I lay in my bed frigid with eyes open wide and ears listening hard. My dog eventually jumps back onto my bed and falls asleep. I keep my bedroom door locked so I felt a bit safe, especially with my dog. I figured if he says it’s fine then it is probably fine. I don’t hear anymore noises and eventually I fall back asleep. The next morning I examine the living room for any possible culprits of the noise. As I’m looking around it suddenly dawns on me: the door. I remember the door handle makes a clicking sound when it’s pushed down. To be sure, I go to my front door and push down the handle. What I hear is what I heard the previous night. That light clicking sound, discreet yet distinct. Someone was trying to get in my house.
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2021.10.23 15:02 scottnshadyside Multiplying underwear and a Walmart trip that never happened.

I went to visit some friends who live about 3 hours away last weekend. I realized as I was last minute packing that I had no clean underwear. I arrived Friday night and my buddy and I ran to Walmart early Saturday morning. I got a3 pack of undies, milk and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Went thru the self checkout lines, enjoyed the cereal, wore the underwear all weekend, end of story.
That was until Tuesday when I grabbed my weekend bag to unpack and do laundry. I pulled out the used undies, but dug deeper and found BRAND NEW, STILL ROLLED UP AND TAPED, another pair, another pair, and another pair. Aaaaand another pair. Well, that's impossible bc I only got ONE 3 pack of undies, where are these coming from?!
I was stumped, so I messaged my buddy and asked if he could find the packaging or receipt in his trash. He also remembers me getting a 3 pack bc we got a laugh when I flipped the pack and asked him if I'm still an XL or if my COVID weight put me in the higher size bracket (I'm still well into XL territory).
Then I thought, well, let me look at my account and see if I accidentally grabbed a bigger pack (although I'm sure I didn't). The price of cereal and milk is pretty predictable, so let's see what the total was. I look at my account and there's nothing from Walmart. I'm like, huh?! So it's been well over a week now and still no back record of the underweacereal/milk purchase and am still baffled at the multiplying underwear -- but not complaining about either!
Supernatural underwear: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17gEeicibMSVZdlRUQ4ms29PZaj6ncc2Q/view?usp=drivesdk
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2021.10.23 15:02 yungart_ Yung Art - I, ART: E-Motion [Album] (Rap)

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2021.10.23 15:02 Shockbreeze I did my first 2MPC!

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2021.10.23 15:02 Screaming_Luigi Looking for stacks of fruit that arent oranges. (Willing to pay up to 30,000 bells)

Just looking for stacks of fruit that arent oranges (native to my island) Ill shake em or you give em to me doesn't matter.
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2021.10.23 15:02 SkolVikings1996 .5 ppr SF dynasty

Been offered both for dalvin Cook. Which deal is better? I am a contender.
View Poll
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2021.10.23 15:02 commiewitch Hi all! Can someone help me identify?

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2021.10.23 15:02 lyrecale DJ Khaled plays guitar

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2021.10.23 15:02 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert TRAFFIC PROBLEM 119 S 15TH ST 10/23/2021 10:39:29 AM incident #LLV211000096547
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2021.10.23 15:02 skye919 Quilted jacket from thrifted goodies!!

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2021.10.23 15:02 uncultured_lemon have you guys been drinking water?

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