[FO4] Modlist Recommendation

2021.10.23 14:46 Zoldra01 [FO4] Modlist Recommendation

Hello, i am looking for a mod list which is stable and not too heavy on my setup (GTX 1650, R5 3550H, 8GB). I would also prefer if it focus more on graphics, looks and environment (i know i have a low end gpu so i am willing to compromise on this)
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2021.10.23 14:46 Accomplished-Rice861 Can I add another gpu to my system for mining ?

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2021.10.23 14:46 furrymilking ♥ Tea-chan enjoying nature! ♥ (art by me, @furrymilking)

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2021.10.23 14:46 CaelVK Am I the only one who thinks Ash's ult is way closer in functionality to Octane than to Wraith?

Both Ash and Octane are one-way pushes/retreats that really only work in open space, while Wraith's portal is a two-way gate that has the flexibility of working anywhere.
Of course they still have their own merits and demerits but that is outside of the point I want to make.
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2021.10.23 14:46 Saturn_01 Dont know how to tie my BBEG in, help!

So i have been DMing a campaign set in Forgotten Realms and the villain is Yuvaraj, the grand emperor of the old empire of Imaskar, thing is i dont really know how to integrate him into the story!
The lore goes that some 3000 years he died when the slaves of his empire (the Mulan) finally called in their gods and took them down, in my setting one clan of mulan called Helcaliant settled down in the desert and decided to hoard and research artificing to use it for themselves, so it has been quite some time. I am writing Helcaliant as really morally ambiguous, they see themselves as self righteous a-moral positivists that work in very machiavelic ways, so i was thinking maybe they would bring back Yuvaraj to get his teachings?? But there is no way they would do that, they know Yuvaraj would only have hate and contempt for them for destroying his empire and no one would try to summon him because he enslaved their ancestors???
Another idea i have is that Yuvaraj will wake up in his own accord or with the help of a previously established powerful devil NPC antagonist that is in one of the character's backgrounds, then i would try to work with it kinda like Strahd, an overwhelmingly evil but sly and reasonable man that lives in his fortress/castle in the middle of the desert, but i want him to have a palpable touch in the world and i really dont know how to do that. Can someone help me with this?
I am using FR lore with some homebrew, if anyone knows about Imaskar lore that would be great because we can chat about it and ways to implement it, thanks evertone
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2021.10.23 14:46 Correct_Association6 Does eating pussy count

Title. Also dick and ass
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2021.10.23 14:46 Bossgodora_306 Why I am known for my Samus Armor

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2021.10.23 14:46 tinyand_terrible Shape, color, length ✔️✔️✔️

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2021.10.23 14:46 Paneraiguy1 Trump is 'hungry' to go head-to-head against Biden for president and can only be stopped by a 'prison sentence': former advisor

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2021.10.23 14:46 ApeTeam1906 Stickied Daily Thread

I think this sub has a lot of potential. There are good questions and market discussions here that tend to get lost.
The sub could use a daily thread for questions that don’t need posts like “should I sell or hold x player” or “what’s the CS for this moment”. This could be helpful for newbies as it’s one spot to get advice on things that probably don’t need an entire post. Just a thought.
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2021.10.23 14:46 Robbie5k 🔥

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2021.10.23 14:46 terminalparadox Asking like an Elcor, with all sincerity and no offense meant or any traces of sarcasm or satire: When trying to find someone to date, is it rude to ask if someone is trans?

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2021.10.23 14:46 christill1 Toadstool Shadow's movie is playing in Dayton tonight at 7pm. For free. Under the North Paul Lawrence Dunbar Street Bridge at Blaine Street. The Wolf Creek Bike Path goes under the bridge there, and that's where either movie will be. It's 40 minutes, 11 songs, 9 elves, 5 faeries, a cop & a bunny.

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2021.10.23 14:46 John-333 Why are all parliaments like this?

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2021.10.23 14:46 SnakeDoc25 #moons #diamond hands_i appreciate all of you. huge thank you🙏🙇‍♂️💎🙌🚀 🌙 🐕 💎🙌

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2021.10.23 14:46 Mariiajemeliaxx Daily posts $5 a month 💕

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2021.10.23 14:46 EricSchC1fr No matter what, they definitely won't be sympathizing with the deceased

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2021.10.23 14:46 korosensei06 Buenos Aires Zero Degree

Hi Everyone, do you know where I could find Christopher Doyle's documentary "Buenos Aires Zero Degree" on streaming ?
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2021.10.23 14:46 SleepingHistoire Crystal Rem Figure finally arrived! [Media]

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2021.10.23 14:46 tanksndudes Barred owl in my tree this morning; the crows were most displeased

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2021.10.23 14:46 slaughterhaus13 Will they complete the movie or will the whole project be abandoned?

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2021.10.23 14:46 silverwingtip98 Webull to Fidelity transfer.

I initiated a transfer of my GME position from webull to fidelity and it is telling me that it will take over a week. So my question is does this fall into the ACAT transfer rule that was being talked about? Should I pressure fidelity or webull with this?
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2021.10.23 14:46 fortheteaz Dash Cam?

I have a 2020 outback with eyesight. Anyone have some good recommendations for a dash can that won’t obstruct the eyesight. I’ve also read that there are certain places you can add a dash cam. Like only on the side? Is this true?
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2021.10.23 14:46 This_sum_one The look of defeat

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2021.10.23 14:46 Extra-Kale Radius Care: Retirement village chain to allow visitors for residents' mental health

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