O lobo guará assustando os gringos

2021.10.23 15:08 Woodiemain O lobo guará assustando os gringos

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2021.10.23 15:08 lmageezy Variable end game goals/objectives/bonuses

This is one of my absolute favorite mechanics. I find that having variable end game goals keeps games feeling fresh while also guiding strategy during the game.
In Pipeline, valuation cards give your company extra money at game end. They might reward you for storing lots of oil, having a large pipe network, or being able to refine exceptionally well.
In Anno 1800, various prestigious citizens are dealt out at the beginning of the game. Each of them rewards different activities, but again, influenced the way you play the game.
In Kanban, the end game scoring tile is essentially a "super performance" card, and presents an opportunity to gain a huge amount of points.
Games like Clans of Caledonia, Barrage, Terra Mystica, Gaia Project, and Isle of Skye have variable end game goals, but also have special round bonus goals that reward different activities during the game. I find the different round goals to be a little less helpful than having lots of end game goals. Sometimes they incentivize activities that just aren't what I want to be doing in a given round.
Hidden goal cards like in Marco Polo or Ticket to Ride are also an interesting take on this, although I tend to enjoy games that include multiple public end game bonuses more.
What are some of your favorite variations on this mechanic? Is there a game that does this in a unique way?
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2021.10.23 15:08 TheWrinklyDog Antique Victorian silver locket, aesthetic era, engraved by StolenAttic

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2021.10.23 15:08 ThroatOk4223 Darkai raid adding 10

Add 9138 9378 0140 or 0034 3778 0864
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2021.10.23 15:08 recycleyourtrashpls Shop selling half of the pack for more than half the price.

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2021.10.23 15:08 CalvinKlein4u I just moved into a new apartment, is this something to be concerned about?

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2021.10.23 15:08 Firm-Technician-8804 Everyone was starting at my feet 😋

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2021.10.23 15:08 No_Introduction_2740 Just a Gentleghoul to brighten your day. 👻

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2021.10.23 15:08 Outlaw_Orthur Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition Official Site + Newswire Details

  1. Site
  2. Pre-Order Link
  3. 4K Trailer
THREE ICONIC CITIES, THREE EPIC STORIES Play the genre-defining classics of the original Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas updated for a new generation, now with across-the-board enhancements including brilliant new lighting and environmental upgrades, with high-resolution textures, increased draw distances, Grand Theft Auto V-style controls and targeting, and much more, bringing these beloved worlds to life with all new levels of detail.
ENHANCEMENTS Updated Player Experience making it easier than ever to play these classic games, including:
Enhanced Visuals, with improved graphics and fidelity across all three games, including:
Plus Platform-Specific Features, including:
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2021.10.23 15:08 celero-n Busco ssr javascript (¡ya!)

No hay que hacer mucho, por lo que máximo son dos días de trabajo. Javascript puro. Para más detalles hablamos por privado o me preguntas abajo
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2021.10.23 15:08 Telemarek Hipfire Pistol/Sniper build. *Veteran/Nightmare*

Hipfire Pistol/Sniper build. *Veteran/Nightmare* I made a pistol build because I wanted the title "Huckleberry" which requires 2500 pistol kills.
I have to say I am incredibly impressed with how good it is.
I have been running with no ADS, and a bunch of accuracy, reload and swap speed multipliers. I have gone on to have my secondary a sniper. With these accuracy cards it has perfect accuracy and absolutely destroys Special.
I like running an m1911 (don't sleep on it) and a Barrett.
(it be run with any secondary you like. Such as the Tec 9)
It seems ridiculous, but give it a try. It is unreal.

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2021.10.23 15:08 brknjvw Lo Jettra - Spikes On Both Sides EP [Alt Rock/ Emo Rap]

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2021.10.23 15:08 SapphireClawe Sign bug?

When I set up a sign, the text is there. This is normal.
Playing on a Realm with Keep Inventory on as well as just cheats in general, no mods. Realm has been updated, but the problem has occurred with two updates now.
When I try to use a glow ink sac on the sign, the text disappears.
What happened, and is there a way to fix it?
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2021.10.23 15:08 CumDevourer68420 We should be focusing on how fun games are instead of their graphics

Sure, Call of Duty is quite fun with the action, and so is Half-Life 2 for the same reason. However, I have seen far too many of you caring much too much about graphics instead of how the game feels to play, almost like you care more about beauty or some philosophical shit like that.
In conclusion:
Call of duty? More like call of doodoo. This game series kinda sux.
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2021.10.23 15:08 RiYOmega condo

to6kn1e2bm's Place - Roblox
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2021.10.23 15:08 Impossible-Panda-165 lets get VOTING...

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2021.10.23 15:08 phatgamermum Had to make new account but can't add old friends on reddit why is this?

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2021.10.23 15:08 benchamin-freightlin Drips Again Bleak

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2021.10.23 15:08 ty2cool476 i feel like my family assumes i’m going to drop out of college

a family friend who has my same diagnosis dropped out and they all look at me like i’m going to be just like her and it fucking hurts. i’ve tried to hard to get better and be the best but it feels like no one thinks i’m going to succeed i’m so tired of this
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2021.10.23 15:08 newsdk Teenager forsøgte at sælge stjålet cykel - endte med sigtelse

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2021.10.23 15:08 noname_f Final Fantasy 14 player talks to female (Shadowbringers spoilers)

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2021.10.23 15:08 Wolfiefantasy Red riding hood doesn’t need a bra 😍

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2021.10.23 15:08 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Octane] [Titanium White Octane: Dune Racer] [Black Standard] [Black Rival]

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2021.10.23 15:08 AccordingtoDLC And that makes 1. 2. 3?

End of premiere
Nancy saying Horseshoe bay is her heart
"One of you will lose your heart"
End of 2nd episode Temperance saying that Bess was destined for greatness or great things
" And only one of you will fulfill your Destiny "
End of 3rd episode
Nancy and Ace being told a story of lovers who would do anything for each other. Including confessing to a crime they didn't commit if it meant protecting the person they were in love with .(maybe that has to do with bobbsey trying to get to Ace by attacking Nancy)
Ace is betraying Nancy? To protect her?
"One of you will Betray your true love"
Now this is not a hard and fast rule But it would appear that Temperance read the prophecies in order .
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