2021.12.06 12:05 Able_Percentage8125 Help!!!!

I changed my medusa (philtrum) piercing last night and a small tube of skin came out. Did i just ruin it?
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2021.12.06 12:05 emirefek I have problem with resolution. S21U + 1440p

Hello everyone I'm having problem while using Dex in my monitor. I recently go S21 Ultra and upgraded my monitor to 1440p but I never able to manage get 1440p output with DeX. I'm using really high quality dock but not Samsung branded.
I also tried to use my OnePlus 8 Pro(Google's gimmick desktop mode) with same monitor and it was worked at 1440p@75hz. Dock is definitely working. I'm using it daily with my notebook and 1440p@75hz working fine. I'll drop hardware details below, I'll be very glad if someone help to figure out this thing. Thanks.
*DeX Host = Samsung S21 Ultra
*Dock = CalDigit USB-C Pro Dock
*Display = LG 32QN600-B
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2021.12.06 12:05 TenaciousPenis Cummy has -100 comment karma

Keep the downvotes coming until his awardee and post karma is gone as well... only then shall we declare ultimate victory over this... this abomination... Revenge for the original cummy is imminent!!
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2021.12.06 12:05 thcdidsystem rocky the horror rolkpay xD

jess:who will a roleplay rocky horror with me? i will do brad x janet x frenk of furterx rifrafx columbine plz i am desperate nobkdy wants to do this with me
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2021.12.06 12:05 unkill_009 India's Recently-Imported S-400 Air Defense System Is Overhyped and Overrated

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2021.12.06 12:05 Responsible-Desk4145 I am not your it service!!

I think this sentiment goes throughout the IT industry. I am not your IT service. My parents and several others around me thought that just because I am a web dev that I am obligated to be there IT service for free. If you treat any one like they are obligated to help you with your IT problems, unless your actually getting help from a IT service, fuck off and google it yourself.
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2021.12.06 12:05 Aerobics69 What is your job and how much do you get paid?

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2021.12.06 12:05 DavidoGwapo they do be like that

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2021.12.06 12:05 AaronovichtheJoker Need better priorities.

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2021.12.06 12:05 DainaBurnwood Remember, they were a thing

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2021.12.06 12:05 sandavichs It almost looks the same! Btw My first raid shine.

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2021.12.06 12:05 DEVIOUS-FLASH-7 Truth testing

Could anybody explain the purpose of truth testing? I believe that it is where you have the to prove the truth of falsity of the resolution, but why is that something that either side would want? Is it only because truth testing allows you to read other tricks?
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2021.12.06 12:05 eneigenrvalue Sadeg FOREN BAIS

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2021.12.06 12:05 Vatican87 In warehouse about to be shipped - DD pro express!! US, I ordered on Black Friday. Excited!

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2021.12.06 12:05 GAMEKING111111 What do you say about this novel or manga , is this harem or not a harem ?

View Poll
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2021.12.06 12:05 webmediums Sal a cazar bitcoins a lo Pokémon Go con esta aplicación

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2021.12.06 12:05 tophers Turdlebag Dog Waste Bag Holder

Anyone know why Turdlebag closed? Was such a great design for holding clean & used dog waste bags. And it was so durable! I've had mine for 5 years and use it regularly. Not finding anything else that is similar design. :(
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2021.12.06 12:05 JudgementalJudyog First reaction to Fortnite Chapter 3 (Scottish)

147/150 Follower Goal
twitch link
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2021.12.06 12:05 Zronz04 Logitech G Pro X Superlight Sensor Skipping

So I have been using hte Superlight now for about half a year with the sensor just randomly skipping (as shown in here I have tried uninstalling the software i even switches mousepads but it still did not affect the issue.
Is there any fix or do I have to get a new one?
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2021.12.06 12:05 Merk008 Milestones

In first runs I would always convert to a candle…but now that I have candlemaker upgraded a bit I need it less. Is there any reason to expand the field of a milestone? Or do you just save milestones to hit right before the boss fight to take the stat boost?
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2021.12.06 12:05 Lexman420 Ass tooo fat

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2021.12.06 12:05 Great_Unit4555 不得不说支那猪和棒子的素质是真低

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2021.12.06 12:05 saido07 Need karma!!

Need karma
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2021.12.06 12:05 HaBumHug Question for hikers - how far can I take my boy?

He’s only 8 months at the moment so we’re a way off proper hiking, and we’re broadly following the 5 minute rule. But from 18-24 months I want to start building his stamina for longer hikes/hill walks/moorland walks.
How far will he be able to go as a fully fit adult?
Any tips for building stamina?
Any other general tips for hiking with dogs in general? I’m UK based if that’s relevant.
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2021.12.06 12:05 Friendly_Voice7158 MetaMine project

MetaMine is fire. Did you know the project has already been backed by $1 million worth of mining rigs? I’ve never seen that before. I’m very excited for MetaMine’s NFT and GameFI platform based on their community token. It will be next year, I hope too see more news! Guys, who else is watching for MetaMine? You know that the project is DAO structured, so we can actually vote on the usage of the fund
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