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My boss went nuts when I told I was going to leave

2021.12.06 11:30 Teraskikkeli My boss went nuts when I told I was going to leave

I'll try to keep this short as possible.
So in my current job my boss has been behaving like I'm one of the owners but I still only have benefits of a worker.
I have been doing job of 2-3 and been saying that we need to hire more people but always got instant "nope". I don't have any working schedules how I'm supposed to work but every Thursday I'll get info how I'm supposed to work next week and for that reason I can't get any free time when needed, she even said that she can't promise if my anniversary is even day off. So really nice position be in with two kids and wife /s.
I've been mentioning the problems we have to her but it feels like I'm in relationship where they always promise to change but nothing actually changes.
To mention few of things what's she's asked/said:

I wasn't looking for a new job but for some miracle I got phone call that if I'm interested for new job. It wasn't hard decision so I left my one month's notice few weeks ago and my boss has been acting like a true bi*ch after that.
And here I could mention that I'm only worker in that company.
When I called that I'm leaving she just screamed to me "OH FUCK!!! STOP!!" and hang up. Maybe after 15mins she called me back and was crying and passive aggressive telling me how she's disappointed to me, how I ruined the whole business, how she's loosing her home, how she has been counting everything up on me (so sad). Kind of heavy burden for a worker?
Anyways I promised to help her anyways I possibly could, even started to ask some of my friends that maybe they could lend her a hand for month.
After my notice she was only nagging to me but at the same time was begging me to stay at least end of the year. Even told me that I could just say to my new employer that I'm starting late.
I started to feel pity for her.
Randomly I encountered to my new boss and told him how my old one is in deep shit. New one told me that if it's needed I could help her if she actually needs but only if I don't have any other way. Same time they told me that she had called to my new place and nagged how they are stealing workers.
Fuck that shit... At that point I called all of my friends that no need for help, let that ship sink. Anyways for unknown reasons I promised to help her one extra day and possibly second if she won't find anyone to help her.
Well she managed to find new worker and lied to him that I'm leaving to vacation so they can't call me or ask any help. Well...fuck that shit again, I instantly told that I'm not on vacation.
Everything was going pretty smoothly except extra nagging. I thought she's doing that so she possibly could tell to new worker that she fired me because of these reasons. Luckily new worker knows that I made decision to leave and he likes me and asked if I could offer him a new job from my new place.
Last Thursday night my kid got bad flu and started coughing all night, in morning I had runny nose and so bad throat pain that medicines didn't help. So I made preparations that new worker can do my job and told everything to my boss and it seemed to be OK with her, even though I had flu I still worked through that day.
Next day I did some computer stuff that I knew couldn't wait even though I was sick. After I closed my computer I got message from my boss.
Boss: everything OK?
Me: I got negative results from covid test but I still have same symptoms and I'm home with my daughter.
B: so you aren't coming to work today?
M: No I'm not coming. I thought we agreed to this. You even guided me how to leave keys to the new worker.
B: I need proof that you've been in covid test and doctors certification because of your sickness. They need those so they can pay your salary.
M: Well I was working yesterday so you won't need proof of that and I've called to doctor about it. If you could give our company's doctor number I could give them a call (I've been working +7 months and never visited or needed doctor) Anyways here's a pic that I've actually tested.
B: yeah... This isn't showing your name so I need real proof. Just use your own doctor but if you need longer sick leave than call here XXX.
Again fuck this shit. I called to our doctor to get that sick leave and told to send bill to her. When she insisted to get these she was implying that I'm not actually sick, there isn't any other reason. I've been once before in sick leave and it was OK when I just told her, so she tried just to be extra b*tch now.
Tomorrow when I go to work I'll give her my covid results and say that I'm only going to do what I'm supposed to and I'm leaving when my notice ends. No extra days.
Let that company sink.
Extra bonus: when one of the most biggest customers heard I'm leaving they wanted my personal contacts and said they would be in touch.
Tldr: I'm leaving my job and boss went crazy. Blames me because business could fail because I'm leaving etc.
Called to my new employer, lies new workers, hinting I'm lying etc
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I’m going to buy two female holders this month. There aren’t any breeders here so I’m purchasing them at a pet store. Almost everything I’ve seen online says I need (what looks like to me) a huge cage for two gliders, but when I went into the store they had like 3 of them in a medium sized cage. Is a huge cage really necessary?
Also, while I’m at it, I may as well ask. I am going to have an empty room just for them, would it be a bad idea to let them out in the room at night so they can play around? I have a brand new house so I’m worried about the walls and carpet getting messed up if they pee or poop on it. Thanks in advance!
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Second hand from a friend. A mutual acquaintance turned 40 and my friend was invited to the “party.” She ended up sitting through a Scout and Cellar sales pitch Zoom. If my girlfriends “gifted” me a crappy wine tasting disguising a high-pressure sales presentation I would be livid, crying myself to sleep, or both!
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2021.12.06 11:30 MeSayDayo9988 The guilt is the main thing keeping me here…

Long story short- I’m 1000% leaving after this school year. I’ve been teaching 8 years and I can feel it in my heart that this isn’t what makes me happy anymore. For background info, I teach 6-8 music and drama- classes that theoretically should be fun.
At my school, the discipline is just all over the place, the kids do whatever they want. They just don’t stop talking no matter how many times you say it, no matter how many seats you move, they just run this school and I’m over it. I do have good kids- I won’t say that every single one of them is bad, but the negatives outweigh the positives.
I’ve already considered going to a different school but I feel like I need to take a step back from education in general. I’m so fed up and disgusted here that I’ll just bring that attitude with me somewhere else.
My husband has started a business that is doing fairly well, and he’s already said that he could train me and show me what to do and that I could work for him and work from home. Im trying to wait until the end of the school year to do this because I’ve already started our school production and put so much work into it that I feel guilty leaving the kids mid year. I know that I’m not the only one who can do a show with the kids but from what I’ve seen here if I leave no one will take it over and I’ll forever be the reason why they didn’t get to do their show. It doesn’t seem like a big deal but my good kids are excited about being in it and they’ve already learned the dances and they’re practicing their lines and making costumes… I just feel guilty if I leave mid year.
And to be honest if I leave now, I also lose out on some bonus money that was supposed to come to us a while ago that’s obviously being given to us through our checks little by little. And if we leave we lose it.
I really would like to see this through and just finish the year, but I don’t know if I can take feeling like this for the next 5-6 months. Crying every morning I have to come to work without fail. No matter how I talk myself down the night before or the morning of I’m just miserable coming here.
Thanks for listening, I just really need to get things off my chest.
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