Sebezvaní volnomyšlenkáři když uuuuh když uuh

2021.12.06 12:13 okBuddyPersian Sebezvaní volnomyšlenkáři když uuuuh když uuh

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2021.12.06 12:13 mayonnaisewastaken [RESULTS] Post-Match Ratings | Tottenham 3 - 0 Norwich | PL

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2021.12.06 12:13 SgtThund3r Squirrel!

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2021.12.06 12:13 Ladylevo31 Question

Ok so has anyone actually changed there last name with the company? I’ve been married for over a year hell feb will be 2 years and because of covid I hadn’t been able to actually change it til jan of 2021 well I have everything done but can’t seem to get anyone to change it at HR they keep saying fax it well everytime I fax the info it never goes through well now I really need to do it because I’m getting the damn insurance from this company and I can’t seem to change it I was on hold for over a hour and a half and got hung up on! I need this done and can’t do it any other way
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2021.12.06 12:13 Negative_Reality_152 Does viagra help to maintain an erection?

I can get a decent erection for penetration like 80% but I lose it in 5 seconds if I dont stimulate with my hand or against something. It feels like the head of my penis doesnt get blood much or that it leaves the head soon. This happens all the time alone and with girls so its not psychological. Do pills work for this?
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2021.12.06 12:13 liamlars Innergate -- Killer [thrash metal](2011)

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2021.12.06 12:13 Internal-Ad7464 Risenomics | BUSD Rewarding Rebase Token 📈 | Launching Now 🚀 Let's Rise Together! | x1000 Gem

Risenomics is a new-gen auto liquidity generating Rebase token with high BUSD Rewards!!!
🚀 Get ready for the launch! 🚀
Liquidity will be locked in team finance so your investment is 100% Safu.
Big marketing planned after launch such as promotions on Twitter, Poocoin banners followed by CG and CMC listings.

What is Rebase:
A Rebase token is an elastic supply token which means the supply changes in accordance to price movement, helping to keep the chart looking healthy. The amount of tokens and the price of the token isn't important, the market cap is the main indicator of growth.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
7%: BUSD Rewards - A percentage of each tax collected to distribute BUSD to all holders!
2% : Marketing -To ensure the non-stop marketing right after launch
1% : Liquidity - Goes directly into the LP pool the increase the price level
Total Tax: 10%

📝Contract address: 0x2ef3bcfb9793646e2d4a1bb2a771773127d0cdfe
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.12.06 12:13 NoJackfruit2392 What is the difference between principle and principal?

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2021.12.06 12:13 Triple-OG-215 Recruiting for our top 150 alliance

Play or get booted is looking for players to join. We have a very chill group and only ask that players participate in raids to make top 150 and get 10K of gems monthly.
We do not care about weekly challenges only making top 150 raids…again we are a chill group.
If most of your roster is lvl60 g10 come join.
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2021.12.06 12:13 buzzkill1138 Creative Accolades.

Send me your share codes for liveries, vinyls, Tunes, photos, event lab creations, for some creative accolades. PC GT Metal1138
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2021.12.06 12:13 Crgowtham7 Bought the game only to see this!

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2021.12.06 12:13 Xeffymoon What do you do when you are bored?

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2021.12.06 12:13 GlitchedGamer14 Cash fare for Edmonton transit set to spike to $4 in February despite continued delays in smart fare implementation

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2021.12.06 12:13 FederalAd3031 A 22 woman keeps hitting on me, but I am 30... should I give her a shot?

She is a bit out of my usual comfort zone. I started working out a lot since 2 years and I have weirdly started meeting women making the first step since I got a little more ripped(I am far from being a perfect model though). So I met a 22 years old and while I enjoy her company, I have no clue if it's a good idea to date her. She is at her last year of university and I am undecided if I should try knowing her or not. What do you think? Is she too young?
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2021.12.06 12:13 OpenThinkeR_10 Looking for Pimo Friends

Hello All… it’s been pretty tough trying to find friends who are on the same page. Looking for a couple friends to talk to. Dm anyone wants to talk and vent!!
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2021.12.06 12:13 hot--garbage What tier does Hiram Ulysses Grant deserve to be in? (Consider not just his presidency!) You can explain why if you’d like

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2021.12.06 12:13 firehellz Blind Pick Top Lane: I'm in doubt between Maokai, Sion, Malphite and Pantheon? Which is best for me?

Hi guys.
My elo is Gold I and I'm OTP Irelia, but I suffer when enemy team bans or pick on enemy team, so for some time now I'm looking for my second champion pool to avoid big problems.
I wanted the second pick to meet the following requirements:

I've tried playing garen, but what I didn't like about him was that he has very one-sided matchups, like rangeds, and when garen is behind I didn't feel very useful, and in teamfights I didn't think garen was very good. This also applies to other juggernauts.
I recently tried to play renekton, but I left it aside because he is a champion snowboll and he's bad when he's behind, also because he's not that easy a champion. Besides, renekton's teamfights weren't that simple.
Today I did some research and saw the 4 champions that I found interesting, but I don't know much yet.
Pantheon: What attracts me about pantheon is that its roaming is very good and easy, I just don't know if it fits the requirements.
Malphite: I find it interesting, but I'm not sure whether to choose it because the enemy team tends to choose vayne, sylas or some ap, so I can't tank anything. Ex: There was a team that was all ad, except jg that caught shyvana, in the end the shyvana the shyvana was taking half my life with a spit of fire.
Maokai: I don't have much experience with him, but they say he's good.
Sion: I've played with him before, but I don't know if I'll play again, because especially in teamfights I think his skills aren't very useful, besides being predictable, his ultimate can be easily dodged. Anyway I have difficulty in teamfights like Sion.
Do you have any other suggestions? What do you think between these 4 options?
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2021.12.06 12:13 hansbem I left 3/4 events with my [30f] partners [27f] parents and now she is furious with me

Apologies for formatting, I'm on mobile.
My partner and I have been together 3 years, we know each others family well. And last week her parents came to visit us, they didn't stay in our house which was good because that can be difficult for everyone.
The day they arrived I had to get up very early to rake our car for an MOT, I did other chores and work in the day and then needed to work on an assignment in the evening. My partner let me know her parents were coming over as soon as they arrived for a drink to say hi, and that she might not be in. I panicked and said I didn't know if I could host them because I had work to do which was urgent for the next day. In the end she was in and we hosted her parents for about 45 minutes before I said I needed to work. I left and said that I was in the next room and to say bye before going.
The next day we had a dinner planned with them, I had been out at work all day and had forgotten my medication and so felt very ill. Regardless, I met them all at a bar, they were a few drinks in, and then we went out for dinner, me, partner, and her parents. I was still ill so left a little bit into the meal and bid them goodbye till the next day. I agreed a meeting point and a time.
At this point my partner started being cold with me, and when she got home I asked what was wrong a number of times but she would not tell me.
Then the next day I got up and then met the parents in town, to show them the way to an event that my partner was already at. I brought chairs for them to sit on because they are older. I chatted and socialised with them on my own and I then chose a cafe and brought them back to it on my own. We met up with my partner and she had lunch with them. I was feeling unwell so I went home early.
Finally, that evening my partner and I cooked dinner for her parents and we had a lovely evening. I thought everything was going well until they left and my partner turned to me and told me I had completely let her down by abandoning her, leaving her on her own with her parents and being selfish with my time.
I felt absolutely exhausted from the week and weekend we'd just spent so I just took it. It's no better now and she's still bitter about it. I just don't know what to do, when I ask what I can do there's nothing, and when I try to explain my side of it she doesn't want to hear.
What can I do to make this better? I hate being in a fight, but I also hate having to apologise when I don't think I've done anything wrong. If I am actually in the wrong I will try to make it better. Please help!
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2021.12.06 12:13 DarkSkies99 Forza Horizon 5 FPS issues (PC)

Anyone else experience a drop in performance after the most recent update? Like leaving the festival causes a drop in FPS for a second. Also driving around I notice a few stutters from time to time. I have a RTX 3080 and 32GB of ram so this is super odd as I was fine before the update :/.
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2021.12.06 12:13 UghDeeJaay Help with Wi-Fi to furthest room for gaming

I recently move into a new house and my son is having a lot of trouble with lag. He is in the furthest room from our router.
Yesterday, I checked his ping and it was 100-200 in his room. I checked his brothers ping and it was 25-45. His room is about 20 feet closer to the router than my other son who is the experiencing a lot of lag. I moved my son who has lag to his brothers room and his ping dropped to 30. I don’t have an option to move the router closer or running an Ethernet through the walls.
My two options I have found are the google nest Wi-Fi and a power line adapter. I read mesh Wi-Fi’s aren’t good for gaming, but didn’t understand why. Reviews I’ve been finding for power line adapters seem to show it doesn’t really improve.
What would you guys suggest? Any and all help is appreciated.
Thank you,
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2021.12.06 12:13 savedbygrace03 Laning phase

It’s me again trying to learn things correctly Vs how I see things go in herald
Question #1:
As a pos5 during the laning phase, when is “enough”buying regen and mana for your core? Like i find myself very late in getting my items due to this and I’m being told things like “wow, you sure are babysitting me well” or they’ve never had a support buy them regen/mana.. also find myself way behind in items vs the other team’s supports and another thing is I’m dying stupid fast and way behind in levels.
Question #2: Do I do the same as above as pos4? Pos4 role during the laning phase has me most confused
Question #3: During team fights where am I (as a pos4 or 5) supposed to “stand”? Am I the initiator and hope to get everything off before I die, or do I stand in the back behind the cores?
Thanks for the help!!
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2021.12.06 12:13 justin_quinnn No. 2 UConn vs No. 24 Notre Dame: Geno Auriemma gives an update on Paige Bueckers' knee injury | UConn Post Game

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2021.12.06 12:13 jlyn289 Clues in the food?

So far we've seen Nat & Tai showing aversion to consuming meat, Nat when Misty bought jerky & Tai with all the meat served at the party. Meanwhile we've seen Misty & Shauna consuming meat without any problem, with Shauna even going as far as killing a rabbit in her garden without flinching & serving it to her family. Any theories regarding veganism vs carnism between the survivors? The only thing I can think is maybe it symbolizes who's remorseful for their actions in the wilderness & who's not.
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2021.12.06 12:13 Critical-Objective94 Does King really can't get hurt?(Spoiler)

We can see that when Zoro and Sanji attacked king and queen together, Zoro cut King and there was blood rushing out of him, is it because he was caught off guard? The whole thing that King can't get cut by zoro's sword is really confusing.
[Zoro cuts King](http://"One Piece Chapter 1022 – Zoro & Sanji VS King & Queen: Wings – 12Dimension"
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2021.12.06 12:13 madarreggel Is it worth it to buy a cheap printer or to pay for printing in the store?

So I have university online, and a lot of the material is in pdf and I like to have it printed on paper. I know that about 10 ago printers were horrible and needed a lot of ink and would fail all the time. Did it get better?
I don't want to buy an expensive printer, because I don't have the money and next year might be offline again.
Of course I don't print out every material, I would print around 20-50 pages a week.
What is your opinion?
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