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Hwy 16&20@6:09am

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2022.01.22 09:47 Feth0r Yep , it's something mike perry would do

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2022.01.22 09:47 bohanmyl [WTS] Lebron 8 Space Jam Sz 10 DS $150 USPS Shipped Invoiced

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2022.01.22 09:47 Glass_Bumblebee8450 Need help

Hello fellow teacher's I'm still a teacher trainee and I want to do a presentation about learning Obstacles. It's going to tackle a lot of sections including language - related obstacles. This part is a bit vague for me and I need some ideas about this kind of obstacle and I also appreciate some references and links thank you so much and thanks in advance.
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2022.01.22 09:47 Kind_Cause_9196 .

anybody knows contact for cheap weed? pls hmu;)
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2022.01.22 09:47 WatermelonShortcake Anyone have experience with either of these filters?

SNB filter vs Low Light Innovations
I luckily acquired both filters for my RNVG from a friend and was wondering which do you prefer if you’re still using these options? If you can provide pics that would help too.
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2022.01.22 09:47 Mostly_me App infected?

My phone gave me a warning that the app has been infected and should be uninstalled. Any news on that?
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2022.01.22 09:47 HaloGoose43 Deadass just bored

Just the title. Have fun in the comments. AMA if u want, or just piss around. Have fun.
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2022.01.22 09:47 holycrimsonbatman What’s a scam that people don’t realize is a scam?

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2022.01.22 09:47 dabzandjabz Katherine’s ending

Katherine should have died in the 100th episode. They ruined her character by having her possess Elena, and trying to seduce Stefan for five episodes. It’s the roughest part of season five to rewatch. Although Nina does fantastic at playing the part. I absolutely cannot stand it.
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Text post is created
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2022.01.22 09:47 TheDarksider96 Those of you who make snello how do you get yours to not float or disintegrate in water? Added loads of gelatin but doesn't seem to want to hold. This is coming from frozen solid straight into tank

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Funding Your Binance Account As referenced before, Binance is absolutely a cryptocurrency trade application. This implies that to begin exchanging with Binance, you will be needed to finance your account with some current cryptocurrency. This should be possible utilizing some other cryptocurrency trade wallet. Just go to your wallet where you have the cryptocurrency put away, select the amount you need to move, and send those assets to your substantial Binance account. The most awesome aspect of exchanging with computerized monetary standards is that everything occurs in a moment. When you select 'send' from your crypto trade wallet, your Binance account will be supported right away. If you register with a Binance Referral Link, it will provide to you 20% discount from your each buying.
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2022.01.22 09:47 LeadershipCapable116 I've seen an inaccuracy in A Christmas Carol. Does anyone know the reason for this?

At the start of the book the ghost of Jacob Marley tells Scrooge that the three ghosts(the ghost of Christmas past, the ghost of Christmas present and the ghost of Christmas yes to come) will come on three separate days and seeing as this scene was set on Christmas Eve that would mean he would see the last ghost on the 27th of December but this is not the case, he ends up seeing the three of them all one day. This is why he can buy Tiny Tim the turkey and Bob Cratchet the raise on Christmas day

Does anyone have an answer for this?
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2022.01.22 09:47 Chaize A late christmas gift for myself: A couple of Enzyme Records... records

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2022.01.22 09:47 Local_Performer_6449 Hey just a reminder!

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2022.01.22 09:47 beast13p Best shops for smart casual shirts

Hey folks!
Do you know any shop around central London with a good variety of casual/smart casual shirts?
I used to go to JCrew before the pandemic. Unfortunately the company went bust and closed most of its shops around the world. Do you have any 'go to' store whenever you want to buy a casual shirt?
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2022.01.22 09:47 andreyaaa trying to date this Harris & Mallow clock. MCM, 70s, 80s?

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2022.01.22 09:47 FinnishMiniStudio Testing to do those Blue hightlights with a sponge, opinions?

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2022.01.22 09:47 BLUE_DRAGON_BANDIT Jet Academy

[>Introduction<] - A dream dreamt on early January, I dont remember all of it or rather even most of it. All i can is this very remarkable part of it which i was, even if scared and feeling bad, still amazed after waking up that my own brain could conduct such a beautiful act.
Here we start from the earliest piece i can remember from the dream (note, some of the parts may be made up from scratched frames and hypothesis)[Chapter 1; Introduction] I was in a class in a quite a big building, it was a military flying school where you were trained to pilot jets and this school in particular was rare as it was training students to pilot the new Jet that will almost become one with the pilot made by the government (nationality unknown). The students are trained from a young age, in my dream i was 12. Students start from age 11 to 15 in this academy, after they turn 16 they go to an academy which teaches Higher education about piloting the Jet. I had a senior(14, and let's name him Raad) who was a very good friend of mine despite being 2 years above me in academic education. I had a few friends in my own class too, and 2 more 2nd years. We used to hangout alot. [Chapter 2; The Day] Then One day, it happened. The Academy's Alarms went off as red lights lit the hallways. I was surprised, scared, and afraid of what's to come. Apparently, two Unidentified Aircrafts entered our Air Space. They weren't from any nation nor were they using Jets that we knew of. The Speakers opened up and started repeating "Attention all students, please report to assembly ground 2 as fast as possible". I went there of course, along with my friends. There, we were all lined up and an Instructor came to us and shouted "I'm sure you all are aware of the situation we are in right now, if you don't let me explain. You see, an unidentified Aircraft which is a model never seen and has no Nation's flag on it, except for a weird insignia that is also never seen has entered our Air Space, two of them at that.". One of us shouted and asked "Sir! And the reason for our assembly here?". The Instructor Replied "It's because that things gonna be your new sparring partner". We were all shocked and confused while trying to make another sense of what he said other than that we were going to fight it, we're still students! And there are 1st Years here too! Why not get the actual military to deal with it? Why not? [Chapter 3; Training Grounds, With Death] There we were, more scared than before. We were brought prototype Jets of the one we were being trained for. We were gonna be called one by one to fight the Unidentified Aircrafts. For some reason one of the two UFOs split up and went somewhere else(the military's take responsibility on that one!), so there was only one of them in our Air Space. The First one of us were called, he was a 3rd year, a good friend of Raad. He was put in the cockpit of the Jet, he took without hesitation and in joy for being able to pilot an actual jet for once. As he took off and took altitude i noted a man who seemed to be an intelligence officer taking notes on a notebook on his hand and i read his lips saying "Interesting, very interesting indeed". I was mad suspicious about him. As i looked up in the sky I suddenly changed my camera perspective to "movie" and started looking the the Student as the main lead. The student was trying his best to bait the UFO into chasing him so he could pull off a maneuver to go behind the UFO instead. As he turned sideways and started doing a circle he was looking here and there trying to fimd the UFO. Then suddenly, its came out of the clouds below his Jet(the jet was sideways so you can understand what i mean by "below" the jet, as in the direction the bottom of the jet was facing). The UFO started shooting bright long red projectiles, almost as if they were lasers (but they weren't because they made metallic sound when they hit the jet). The Student(Pilot) was turned to swiss cheese. I changed my perspective back to my own eyes, from there i could see Raad who was beside me, stare in Trauma. We all said a prayer we say when someone passes before our eyes, but when i looked at the Intelligence Officer he... Didn't say it or like said it but it was half-assed. I got some anger pent up on me. [Chapter 4; The Moment He Passes, Kill Them] Raad seemed furious and upset. When the instructor said "May he rest in peace. Who is next to take on that monster". Raad quickly raised his hands and replied "Me Sir!". Out of fear I called out to him "Raad-Vaiya!" (Vaiya means brother or big brother in bangla, i called him as in Raad-Senpai as calling him as a senior). I grabbed his hand and said "Don't go! You know you can get killed like your friend up there!" He Replied "Don't worry, It'll be okay, I'm a great pilot trust me i pilotted one of these before" he put his hand on my head, smiled, and left to pilot the jet. I could see the determination in his eyes form outside the cockpit. I knew, he wouldn't let the thing that killed his friend live no longer. As he took off I was filled with doubt like "what if he dies the moment he gets altitude, what if his jet malfunctions and what if he ends up being swiss chesse too". I was scared, he was a closer friend than my best friend, almost like a big brother by blood. My perspective changes to movie mode, i see Raad making rounds above the school building. I could feel the tension going up. He suddenly pulled up and out of the clouds came out the UFO shooting it's red projectiles at where Raad just pulled up from, i guess he got lucky. He kept taking altitude and then finally at about 500m he stopped and went horizontal again. He then slowly started facing down again, increasing his acceleration by time too untill he was below the clouds again and about 700m before he hit the school building he puleld up and started doing the same maneuver his friend did but this time he did 2 laps and went straight to the direction where our storage facility was, the UFO was right behind him supposing trying to get a good aim. Raad pulled off a cobra and got behind the UFO and started firing, only to realise that the tens of .50cal bullets he shot just left a few scratches on the UFO. I was running after him by stealing a jet with full speed trying to get to him, the UFO pulled down and got behind Raad, and with strained, shocked and sad eyes he took multiple projectiles, he managed to push the eject button in time though but, he had no parachute so he was falling donw onto the storage facility, I was behind him in a jet, i took my parachute and jumped too while commanding the jet to return to base. I saw Raad about to hit the facility so i cut my parachute about 10m before i hit the roof of the facility, for soem reason the facikity was poorly built and broke down pretty easily. Raad fell down through the roof and started falling down the staircase area breaking wood and cement with him untill he finally landed and stopped in the 3rd floor in which i went to(i dont know how i got to the 3rd floor). There i saw multiple small pieces of wood stuck into his body, blood down his forehead and a slightly larger wooden pike impaling him through his right lung. He rushed up to him and started taking reading of his pulses, while doing that i cried "No, Raad-Vaiya, you can't, you cant die here now, you said it would be okay! You said you wouldn't die!". >Transition>I was seen in a room sitting and my head on table looking lifeless but not dead, from the door peeked a beast-man or lion that stood on 2 legs (like that lion from escape from madagascar). He said peeking "He doesn't look too good, he drank so much alcohol too. Maybe he got remembered of those memories". >Transition> I took him out of the wooden pike and took his body out of there going back to the ground where i brought him back with a traumatised face. I was shaking horribly from seeing someone as close as a brother dead in my hands. An Instructor close to me said "Put him down on the ground". I thought it was disrespectful for a moment so i screamed a large "HEH?!" in a slightly high pitched voice. The instructor said "put him down on the ground, let him rest". I calmed down and put Raad's body on the ground and stepped away. The instructors and a few military officers started asking "is he okay?" "will he be fine?" and "poor lad, he must've been close to him" and such with sympathy. Our class teacher(who was dead set on making us the perfect pilots and soldiers and impressing the military so he could get a promotion, {also had a face and voice almost like my dad's idk why}) rushed up to me, grabbed me by the shoulders and shouted to the orficers "Look he's completely fine! See nothing happened to him, he's that strong!" {in bangla but i translated it}. I heard in the meanwhile they already sent another student to fight that UFO and then i suddenly got back my senses and pushed away the teacher and shouted "Get away from me!". I screamed "You're not fighting up there are you!? What do you think of our lives!? We don't even know if theres a human in that thing! We're running the risk of dying up there! The chances are even higher because we're still Primary Academy students!". I rushed to the instructor and said "I'm next" in a deep serious tone. [Chapter 5; I'm Sick Of You] I hopped on the cockpit and lifted off without hesitation. "I'm Seriously going to kill you now" was all i had in mind. As i spotted the UFO i rushed up behind it before it could lose me. We ended up both going sideways and chasing while circling the school building. Suddenly i was able to stop for a moment and let the UFO lap around untill it was almost right above my cockpit. Then i could suddenly move my jet and chase it, rushing towards it with a furious face i held the fire buttons tight while also simultaneously smashing the missile button. The UFO took almost every. .50 cal in it's fuselage, as i slipped passed below the UFO the missiles I released (3 of them) hit it resulting in a 10m radius explosion. I was glad, my furious face was fading... I got rid of the bug. [Chapter 6; What Happened?] My dream Transitioned to a boy about 16-17 in a black coat and hood which was very dirty so it looked sort of brown, Walking down the street with his head down and face covered by the hood. He went into an alleyway and entered a sort of shop. The scene chnaged to the lion mentioned earlier thinking to himself while walking in loops around his room "He acts so strange nowadays, is his PTSD getting stronger? Perhaps. He's been going out at some weird times lately too.". He then entered what is supposingly my room and started searching for something. He found a cut out of a lion like him(what?why would i have that?). The lion then investigated where i would go on those random times and found the shop which i entered before. He brought the cut out eith him and entred the shop. Meanwhile in the shop i saw a rat talking to one his employees/co-worker. He was saying "you know our buisness isn't going too good nowadays, and for some reason this weird human kid keeps coming here and buying the nuts we have but sadly we only got one left. But a-..." the rat looked up and paused as he saw a giant cut out of a lion and a person behind it saying "Give me my usual nuts". The rat said "this ain't funny man, get out of the cut out dude". The lion threw away the cardboard cut out. The rat screamed "Holy Swiss Cheese It's an actual Lion!". The Lion took a police badge out of his pocket and asked him "Ok, what exactly have you been giving this human kid". The rat smirked and replied "I'm afraid i can't have you know that Sir". The lion got shot with a syringe and taken unconscious. The Rat, juggling a nut in his hand and said "We can't risk our business getting discovered by the police Sir". After that i suddenly knew that these nuts weren't any ordinary nuts, they werenuts in which you could hide drugs in. And I was taking drugs that would suppress PTSD.

I could remember nothing after that part in my dream. This was all i could remember.—
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2022.01.22 09:47 kandelito Tatlı kız vs güzel kız

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