I feel so bad for Charlotte and Wendy

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2022.01.22 08:11 Pokeitwitarustystick I feel so bad for Charlotte and Wendy

She’s always been a favorite of mine because I understood what she was going through, she just wanted a normal life, then she was literally uprooted from and forced to be a drug cartel family run business. She tried to make it work at first with a job and making friends, but it’s hard to make new friends In an entirely new area. She tried to leave and was threatened out of that option, she tried to be accepted with what she actually could do (steal a book) and was laughed at. She started casually drinking a lot last season and no one cared, she was forced to protect some girl because she’s constantly on edge about being killed. This season Marty even says that the only reason she stayed was because she realized she had nowhere to go. Which is what Wendy was trying to make Jonah feel. She seems to be the only person with actual clarity (actually afraid things won’t work in the long run) and actually thinks things through (knew Ruth was lying when she tried to get into Marty’s computer) and easily puts pieces together with context clues (literally any time Marty and Wendy speak, especially if they’re a ‘united front’). This season she literally doesn’t give a fuck about her life anymore and has no ambition, she is just trying to make her family believe that she’s useful and feel accepted (wendy even gave her a stronger drink when she was proud of her). I genuinely thought when she was going to meet Erin that she was going to run away. She seems like just a empty paper bag of a person now that’s accepted that she’s at the whims of her parents decisions. When asked what she wanted to do when they get back to Chicago for work/fun she said she just wants to stay home and feel safe.
I love Wendy as a character but she is just as crazy as her brother and son. All 3 of them well up with anger and it just burst out, Jonah with his guns and “snide” remarks to the wrong people, Ben with his angry trembles and yelling outbursts, and Wendy with her snake smile, “snide” remarks and her disappearing people. Her turning in her brother though was heart breaking, I wish she would vocalize with Jonah like a person about what theirs days on the run were really like. How every single moment she took her eyes off him he would get his hands on a phone and call the cops or Helen. There was no way she would ever be able to keep him and the family safe forever, especially off his meds. Explain how she was living in her car surviving off of chips and vodka until the sight of a child reminded her of why she was fighting for. I feel like that would mean more to him than empty note burning gestures. Wendy loved her brother so damn much, she left when she turned 18 cause her dad was a religious asshole. Left her brother behind cause you can’t save a drowning person if you’re drowning too. Kids in abusive families feel a lot of guilt leaving behind younger siblings when they have the opportunity to leave, some stay to suffer together.
I blame Ruth a smidge for not even caring to hear out Wendy when she was explaining her brother would get off his meds for her. Ben was still a kind and an amazing person, devoted to Ruth without the sex involved. But when he couldn’t get hard for her it made her upset that he wasn’t into her, which made him toss the pills. I understand that she’s young and was just trusting that he knows himself better, but it’s Ruth’s decisions that led to Ben dying. Because she didn’t want to take his mental health seriously when told about it.
But at the end of the day I blame Marty the most, he’s the one that didn’t step up for Ruth when she needed him.
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Is the game dead?
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2022.01.22 08:11 Soia-R33f Something I've been thinking about lately [UK Pace - Aussie viewers can circle back to this next week]

Pretty much ever since she turned up, I felt the actor playing Brittany was just a little off. The character itself, once passed the awkward introduction, seemed harmless and I weirdly got excited when we saw her again after her initial exit, supposedly to never be seen again. However, the acting always seemed...BLAND. Like she was just saying the lines with no real emotion or conviction to just get the part out of the way.
I'm now wondering - was>! Brittany's death planned!< quite a while in advance or is it some behind the scenes stuff that lead to her being killed off? If she knew in advance, maybe she was purposely not putting a lot of effort into the part and that's why it came off more like "reality tv acting" as opposed to soap acting? Or maybe the writers/director realised she wasn't a good actor but wanted to keep Leo and his baby in the show, so had to think of a way to write Brittany out? I'm trying to remember if she was ever added to the opening credits, because if not, that shows she was probably never meant to last too long on the show.
In addition, this has made me think about a few other characters from the past year or so who came and went quite quickly after being introduced - the other Sheila Canning, Jay Rebecchi and Felicity, for example. Felicity, in particular, Felicity was actually a great character and very well acted (apparently the actor was in Home & Away for 5 years and has done some other things too), and I didn't like the way they used that character as some sort of weird plot device for the polyamory story line. Now we've even got a new character, already added to the opening credits, and being introduced as a possible new love interest for Levi. The fact they've added her so quickly to the opening credits feels strange to me, but I guess that must mean she's important.
We shall see, I guess....
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2022.01.22 08:11 Timely_Rutabaga2022 Hey guys, so I have a question and I need answers and help.

So I am thinking about getting a CC but my girlfriend has a red nose pit. He’s very sweet and I’ve seen him socialize with people and dogs very well, so during my research for a Corso I’ve seen it say “make sure the dog is the opposite sex from your male Corso” is it really a problem having a male Corso with a different male breed? P.S. I am going to definitely going get a puppy Corso of course
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