59h54 8d275 ii54n k85z4 4s8t4 h22i3 nb327 rzabs 5n5yd e8b9t 5394h 398ki z4kkn f4af5 saeiz istkr aeea7 r47kd e96si h3ah8 649aa LF: Shiny Zorua |

LF: Shiny Zorua

2022.01.22 08:16 Reviug05 LF: Shiny Zorua

Zorua is my favourite pokemon and I love its shiny. I'm happy to trade any 2 of:
Weezing (Galarian)
Weezing (Kantonian)
Exeggutor (Alolan)
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2022.01.22 08:16 Himbwoo69 👀👀👀

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2022.01.22 08:16 nf_highlights JT Thor : All Possessions (2022-01-21)

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2022.01.22 08:16 Havocfyw Pull for ants

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2022.01.22 08:16 Kazamico Tenma Doesn't Get Help From Fishman

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2022.01.22 08:16 29996 Looking for a custom chapter

I saw someone painted a primaris army in blue greygreen, chevrons/alpha on their shoulder pad. possibly inspired by alpha legion. Anyone seen anything like it?
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2022.01.22 08:16 Stalinovski Was letzte falsche Preis…

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2022.01.22 08:16 nf_highlights Vernon Carey Jr. : All Possessions (2022-01-21)

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2022.01.22 08:16 TJ-45 Planet Side Navigation

So i'm a new player and was somewhat disappointed that there wasn't any kind of in game map for planet surfaces (or if there is I can't find it). Granted in a galaxy of billions of systems, one planet surface is probably a drop in the bucket, but i'm still curious. What methods do you all use to navigate notable planets and they're surface locations? Just base computers and save beacons? Or are there other means?
(My apologies if this is more of a question than a discussion, but it felt too open ended to be a simple question.)
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2022.01.22 08:16 pjmpjm7 View of Bridge Hill from Ellsworth (Hancock County)

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2022.01.22 08:16 TerrifiedRedneck I hate scalpers… But! Worth every penny.

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2022.01.22 08:16 Craniacs Doctor Strange: Sherlockverse of madness

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2022.01.22 08:16 mt4christ247 Christian Paradoxes - A Time for Wonder – Taking Control and Surrendering - Purity 635

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2022.01.22 08:16 xxxbueatyb Sewing offers fr frost dragon

Taking diamonds or possibly a halo idk
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2022.01.22 08:16 bruh6756 I was practising soccer in my backyard and I got slightly frustrated so I deliberately kicked my really good ball over the fence several houses away never to be seen again.

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2022.01.22 08:16 cinthyay I still love you

And I think I always will. No matter how shitty you treated me, and the fact that being with you was harming me mentally and emotionally. You gave me the best thing in my life; our daughter. Whom I haven’t seen in 4 days now. My heart aches. How can someone that once loved me do this to me? How can you inflict so much pain; and act like you don’t care? How? How can I believe that you love me when your words are empty and your actions speak louder; and it isn’t love anymore. It’s morphed. And I feel as though you hate me.
You claim that I’m not mentally stable. But who is? In this crazy world we live in, we are all a bit crazy. Don’t you think?
And I would never, ever put our daughter in harms way.
She’s my life. My reason of being. She’s saved me from wanting to end it all many at times. Thinking of her, all alone in this world without a mom breaks me. And I can’t do that to her.
She needs me.
I need her.
And the fact that you’re keeping her from me shows that you don’t understand our bond. That you’re using her to punish me for what I did to you.
Which I take full responsibility of.
It was my fault; not hers. Don’t punish our daughter. She’s innocent. And she needs her mom. She needs to know that I didn’t just abandon her.
You filling chargers for assault when I barely touched you.. that’s pathetic. I wanted to talk to you face to face.
But you just claim I am not well, and dismiss me.
Just remember this. I loved you once, with all my being. I gave you everything that I could and you took and took and took and gave nothing back And now I’m empty. I’m a shell of the person I once was. And I’m just trying to fill myself up. To remember who I am and what I am worth.
Because being with you made me feel worthless
And hopeless
And as if I was translucent.
I am not. I am here. I am enough and dammit I deserve a partner that will do what you couldn’t do; love me the way that I deserve to be loved, the way you once loved me;
Your old you. The man that would come to my work at 3 am in the morning to kill rats.
Him. I miss him. I would try to work things out with him.
But he’s gone; and the new you has hurt me for far too long, and these wounds will take time and love to heal.
Just not your love; your love hurts
I need love that heals
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2022.01.22 08:16 Visible-Selection-42 Genesect raid

1571 1210 0602 or 7518 1840 3712 be online
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2022.01.22 08:16 tonyzehs Stuck and cannot progress further with lever handle wasted in dungeon

Hello all,
I encountered a bug in Asgard's Wrath (I think) but mostly of my own doing. Upon progressing the main quest line to the Borgarholt Fort where I need two lever handles to open the gate to the arena, and after getting both and installing only one on the lever mechanism, I chose to instead explore a hidden dungeon (from quest king's ransom) since I now acquired a Midgard key in one of the two areas.

After spending hours inside the dungeon I came across a room buried deep inside with some crystal-locked chests. Instead of getting the message and head back I instead dash through both of the flamethrowers (turtle is not enough since it spits flame from both sides) with one health remaining and healed myself back to full both times and afterward I encountered an empty lever and I attached the one remaining lever handle on it. Since the room require progression to be explored further, I immediately reloaded to the previous checkpoint but the handle is permanently stuck on and gone for my inventory. Now I cannot progress in the dungeon to perhaps get another lever handle (since I need a follower later in the story I think) and I also cannot progress the main quest line :(

I also searched around precious maps and other side quests and could not find another spare lever that can be unlocked. Is there a way to perhaps inject a lever handle item into my current save or is there any way I may go around the issue? thanks!
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2022.01.22 08:16 cobicoo Rep. Gallego says some senators urging him to challenge Sinema for senate seat

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2022.01.22 08:16 nf_highlights Daniel Gafford 8 PTS: All Possessions (2022-01-21)

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2022.01.22 08:16 NotQut 2022-01-22 Kiekko-Espoo - Ketterä

2022-01-22 Kiekko-Espoo - Ketterä Näyttäisi siltä, että tänään päästään vihdoin pelaamaan tämän vuoden ensimmäinen matsi! Vastaan Metro Areenalle saapuu eilen maalein 4-5 Joensuussa Kiekko-Pojat kaatanut Ketterä. Ketterä on vankasti sarjan piikkipaikalla (63 pistettä) kun Espoo majailee synkän vaiheen jälkeen sijalla viisi (47 pistettä).
Joukkueet ovat kohdanneet kahdesti tällä kaudella mestiksessä ja voitot ovat tasan 1-1. Joukkueet kohtasivat myös Suomen Cupin finaalissa jonka Ketterä vei tiukan väännön päätteeksi 1-2.
Espoolla on tänään mukana Porvoon Huntersin Suomi-Sarja joukkuuesta kolme pelaajaa täydentämässä poissaoloja: Oscar Leppänen (19, 12+13=25), Patrik Mallenius (16, 8+21=29) sekä Joakim Kukkonen (16, 11+14=25).
Espoo on voittanut edellisestä kuudesta ottelustaan vain yhden ja senkin vasta voittolaukauskilpailun päätteeksi, kun taas Ketterä on hävinnyt vain yhden ottelun viimeisestä kuudesta.
Toivotaan, että Kivikova on tänään hyvällä jalalla liikkeellä ja saa tärketä kolme pistettä. Ottelu pelataan ilman yleisöä, mutta näytetään suorana CMorelta ja alkaa kello 17:00
Kivikovan tukikamppanja on edelleen tulilla ja lisäinfoa löytyy täältä https://kiekko-espoo.com/uutiset/tue-kiekko-espoota-2/

#51 Iisakka #12 Kuure #13 Lehtonen
#88 Lemberg #78 Tuomaala #68 Rantaeskola
#85 Kähkönen #22 Lemetyinen #16 Takaveräjä
#18 Kukkonen #62 Leppänen #43 Mallenius
#3 Keskitalo #64 Turtiainen
#15 Hopponen #6 Vuorela
#77 Takkunen #4 Tamminen
#1 Lampinen
#35 Nauseda

#17 Karjalainen #15 Korhonen #47 Chizhikov
#89 Rämö #19 Ruotsi #28 Haaparanta
#88 Viskari #54 Kettunen #70 Kautiainen
#57 Akkila #82 Kekarainen
#21 Luhanka #63 Vertanen
#26 Salmela #32 Paalanen
#41 Istala #76 Karjalainen
#23 Auvinen
#74 Lipiäinen
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2022.01.22 08:16 BreadTubeForever New instalment in Cass Eris' cognitive psychology based critique of Abigail Shier's anti-trans book 'Irreversible Damage', this time examining the claim of one of Shrier's subjects that there's a 'trans cult'.

New instalment in Cass Eris' cognitive psychology based critique of Abigail Shier's anti-trans book 'Irreversible Damage', this time examining the claim of one of Shrier's subjects that there's a 'trans cult'. submitted by BreadTubeForever to VaushV [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 08:16 nf_highlights OG Anunoby 12 PTS 9 REB: All Possessions (2022-01-21)

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2022.01.22 08:16 TofiCate What have I done..

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2022.01.22 08:16 7cyantropican7 Broken Server Browser

new player here, well actually I played the game for a few hours back in early 2019, but this game returned to my radar. I opened up the server browser and nothing, no servers show up.
I thought maybe my connection was being blocked somehow so I opened post scriptum's ports, still nothing. help?
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